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General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS)


1. Scope of application
These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") apply to all registrations for the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® " Advanced course.

2. Our promise
Lifetime access to the MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® Advanced e-learning portal.
We are committed to providing you with full access to our 16-week MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® Advanced training program. You will also have access to the private MeWe group of the MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® Advanced workshop, unlimited group calls via Kmeet during the 16 week period until the graduation date.

3. Age limit
Age restrictions apply: GP SA (in creation) only accepts clients over 18 years of age for the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS®" Advanced training.

4. Access and delivery
Access to the digital products will be via a secure platform. You will be able to access it at any time and consult your training in your student area.

Immediately after placing your order, you will receive an email with your login details. We ask you to keep them private in order to have easier access to your current and future orders.

If you have any problems accessing your order, please contact customer support

5. Number of participants and course structure
In order to ensure that our training course runs smoothly, a limited number of participants will be defined. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis (subject to timely payment of the course fee).

6. Exclusion from a course
GP NV (in creation) reserves the right to exclude one or more participants in the event of a breach of confidentiality or unacceptable behaviour (insults, disruption of the course, etc.). The same applies to participants who do not attend the course.
Access to the courses, the PIN and the login are exclusive and personalised. It is therefore strictly forbidden to pass them on, on pain of exclusion.
In the event of exclusion, the full amount of the course fee remains due (no full or pro rata reimbursement for hours not attended).

7. Registrations and cancellations, payment of registration fees, refunds
You hereby confirm your understanding that the programme is digital in nature and immediately accessible, and that there is a significant cost to GP SA (in creation) when integrating new clients into the team, all registrations are final and there is no cooling-off period. This registration commits the participant to paying the fees. All prices are in Swiss francs (CHF), including any value added tax (VAT). You also hereby agree that a change of mind or personal circumstances after the sale has been made does not constitute a valid justification for a refund, unless the conditions of the refund guarantee have also been met.

Non-payment of the registration fee is not considered as a cancellation of the participation in the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® " Advanced course.

After registering for the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® " Advanced course, the participant will receive a confirmation of registration from GP NV (in creation) with payment instructions.
In the event of termination of the contract, the amount paid remains with GP NV (in creation).

During the course, various platforms may be recommended to the participant. Membership of the recommended platforms is purely optional. The costs for membership of these platforms are not included in the registration fee for the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® " Advanced course.

A reimbursement of the training will only be made if, in addition to systematically completing and executing all the actions of all the modules of the "MASTER YOUR DIGITALS HABITS® " Advanced training programme, the participant completes his or her personal portfolio and shares it with GP SA (in creation) by post at the address GP SA (in creation), Case postale, 1037 Etagnières at the time of the reimbursement request.

The participant will also need to demonstrate that he/she has followed all the agreed steps with regard to changing his/her digital habits as instructed, consistently over a 6 month period, with all digital habit change strategies implemented and executed throughout this period, including the continued use of the box, stickies, rewards, among others.

If after following all these steps, the participant can demonstrate with certainty that no changes have occurred, then a refund of the course fee will be granted within 30 days.

8. Lessons / sessions not attended
Lessons/sessions not attended by the participant cannot be made up and will not be refunded.

9. Disclaimer and insurance
For the entire "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS®" Advanced training, GP NV (in creation) declines all responsibility for possible damages.

The participant cannot derive any rights from the non-achievement of the learning objectives/success, in particular no refund or reduction of the cost of the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS" Advanced course.

By accepting the GTC, the participant releases GP NV (in creation) and any other auxiliary party involved in the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® " Advanced training course from any liability in relation to his/her own mental and physical health.

The participant accepts that GP NV (in creation) is not a medical organisation and that its assistants are not doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. The participant also accepts and understands that the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS®" Advanced training is not intended to replace medical treatment.

GP SA (in creation) declines all responsibility for any malfunctioning of the optional recommended platforms/applications during the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® " Advanced training, as well as for any possible damage caused by the recommended platforms/applications.

10. Confidentiality, privacy, video and audio recording
We respect your privacy and must insist that you respect the privacy of other programme participants.

We respect your confidential and proprietary ideas, needs, aspirations and other insights (collectively, "Confidential Information") and must insist that you respect the same rights of other participants in the programme and of GP SA (in creation).

Thus you agree:
Not to infringe or share the copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, links of the mentoring programme or any other intellectual property rights of the programme, the participants or GP SA (in creation);

That any confidential information shared by participants in the programme or any representative of the Company is confidential and proprietary and belongs solely and exclusively to the disclosing Participant or GP SA (in creation);

Do not disclose or share the call links or any programme information with any other person or use them in any way other than in the private setting of the programme.
That all materials and information provided to you by GP NV (in creation) or other students are their confidential and exclusive intellectual property and belong solely and exclusively to GP NV (in creation) or the student, and may only be used by you with the permission of the Company or the student;

The reproduction, distribution and sale of this material by anyone other than the GP SA (in creation) is strictly prohibited and may not be taught or reproduced in any way;

That if you breach, or show any likelihood of breaching, any of your agreements contained in this paragraph, GP SA (in creation) and/or the other participant(s) in the programme shall be entitled to an injunction to prohibit such breaches and to protect against the harm of such breaches.

You agree that the videos, comments, emails and documents you provide to GP SA (in creation) may be used by GP SA for the purpose of promoting or educating other students.

While you are free to discuss the individual outcomes of our programmes and training, you must keep the experiences, training, financial agreements, contractual agreements and statements, oral or written, of the programme and all other participants in the strictest confidence.

The site and services, as well as their contents, are protected by legislation relating to intellectual property, in particular copyright and trademark law. Gabriel Pitt and MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS are registered and protected trademarks.

With the exception of what is expressly provided for, these GTC do not grant any rights to the participant with regard to the services, third party rights, trademarks, logos and other elements of identity of Gabriel Pitt and MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS®.

GP SA (in creation) undertakes to react to any alleged infringement of intellectual property and reserves the right to delete or deactivate the content at the origin of the alleged infringement and to terminate the accounts of the offenders.

GP SA (in creation) retains full copyright for the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® " Advanced course.

The participant is not allowed to make video or audio recordings of the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® " Advanced course without the explicit consent of GP NV (in creation) and the participants of the course.

The participant agrees that GP NV (in creation) may make audio and/or video recordings of him/her as part of the training.

All the provisions of MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® Advanced apply to MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® training courses for companies and their employees.


1. General information
The following figures apply exclusively between GP SA (in creation) and any person who places an order for physical or dematerialised products (music, etc.) or another service (tickets for an event, etc.) on the website or .ch, i.e. excluding an order in connection with the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® " Activate course and the "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® " Advanced course, or any other "MASTER YOUR DIGITAL HABITS® " course.

The books, films, music and other works sold on the website and .ch are the exclusive property of GP SA (in creation). They are intended for private and non-commercial use. Any other use constitutes an infringement of copyright. The copying of files for sale, commercial lending, public distribution and the transmission or handing over to third parties are prohibited.

When purchasing digital products, the buyer only enjoys the simple, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-transferable rights of use mentioned in the product descriptions. Once successfully downloaded, a title can be re-downloaded if it is still available and if the conditions allow it. This possibility does not constitute a right. GP AG (in existence) is entitled at any time to restrict or even cancel the download option completely, both in the short and long term. Individual downloads may be deleted from the customer account for appropriate reasons, e.g. in the event of justified suspicion of infringement of rights.

2. Minimum order value
There is no minimum order value.

3. Place of delivery, delivery time and passing of risk
The products can be delivered anywhere in the world, to the delivery address indicated by the buyer at the time of his/her order, with the exception of countries where the situation can be described as unstable. The participant can obtain information on the possibility of delivery in his/her country from

Delivery is always made "on the pavement" and never at the door or on the floor. It is specified that the Post Office or any other delivery service has the right to leave a parcel in the milk box if it remains there.

Some products are made to measure when the order is validated, so delivery times are between 2 and 30 working days.

The risk is transferred at the time of delivery.

Dematerialised products or services can be delivered electronically to the e-mail address provided by the participant/buyer. Tickets printed at home by the buyer must be printed on white A4 paper and must be legible.

4. Shipping costs
The buyer shall bear the shipping costs up to an order value of CHF 70. For orders above and including the above-mentioned amount, the shipping costs are free of charge for the buyer.

5. Availability
Due to production constraints, delays may occur. For this reason, all information on availability on the website is given for information purposes only and may be modified at any time by GP SA (in creation).

In the event of an order for an article that is unavailable, GP SA (in creation) will inform the buyer as soon as possible of its next availability.

In the event of an order for several products, if one of the products is finally unavailable, GP SA (in creation) will inform the buyer of the impossibility of sending it. The remainder of the order will be processed and shipped within the timeframe announced on the website.

6. Return and refund policy
GP NV (in creation) is no longer responsible for loss, damage, destruction and theft once the parcel has been shipped. In the event of loss, damage, destruction and/or theft, contact La Poste or another service provider within 7 days.

In the case of delivery to an address that is not a home address (e.g. school, workplace, association, etc.), the purchaser acknowledges that GP SA's service for the delivery of the order ends with the actual delivery to the address indicated at the time of the order, even though the product may be received by a third party.

Complaints about possible material defects must be submitted to GP NV (in creation) within five days of receipt of the product. An exchange or refund will only be made if the complaint is justified.

7. Legal guarantee
Irrespective of any commercial guarantee that may be granted to the purchaser, GP NV (in creation) remains liable for defects in the item sold in accordance with Articles 197 to 210 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO).


1. Acceptance of the T&Cs
By placing an order, the participant/buyer accepts these GTC without reservation.

By using the site, the participant/buyer also agrees to the Data Protection and Cookie Policy regarding all information that is submitted via the site and that may be collected in the process in accordance with applicable law.

The applicable GTC are those in force on the site at the time of the order on the site, which may be subject to change. They are accessible at any time on the site and prevail over any other version or any other contradictory document. They are deemed to be accepted by the participant/buyer as soon as they are published. They can be printed or downloaded in PDF format for future reference.

2. Awards
All prices mentioned on the website are in Swiss francs (CHF), including all taxes. GP SA (in creation) reserves the right to change prices at any time. However, these changes will not affect the prices of orders that are being processed or have already been confirmed.

Payments can be made in euros, dollars, pounds or bitcoin depending on the daily exchange rate.

3. Means of payment
Payment can be made by credit card, twint, paypal, stripe, bitcoin and bank transfer.

4. Execution of the order
All orders will only be sent upon receipt of the payment indicated on the invoice sent beforehand.

GP SA (in creation) reserves the right to refuse to honour an order from a buyer who has not paid in full or in part for an order or with whom a payment dispute is being administered.

5. Data protection
By registering, the participant/buyer agrees to the processing of his/her personal data.

A data privacy policy is available at the following link:

6. Changes to programmes, prices and GTCs
GP NV (under construction) reserves the right to change the programme, prices and GTC at any time. The version valid at the time of registration is binding and may not be unilaterally changed for the purpose of concluding this contract.

7. Right of revocation
The buyer has a 14-day revocation period after the conclusion of the contract.

If the buyer revokes the contract, the services must be returned. If the Purchaser has made use of the goods, he/she must pay an appropriate rent to the GP AG (to be established).

8. Suspension - Termination of account by GP SA (in creation)
GP SA (en création) reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account of a buyer who violates the provisions of the GTC, or in general the applicable legal provisions, without prejudice to any damages that GP SA (en création) may seek. Any person whose account has been suspended or closed will not be able to place further orders or create a new account on the Website without prior authorisation from GP SA (under construction).

9. Saving clause
Should any provision of these GTC be invalid or incomplete, or should its performance be impossible, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining parts. In such a case, the invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid provision which achieves the original purpose of the contract in a legally permissible manner and comes as close as possible to the original intention. The same applies in the case of a loophole.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction
All legal relationships with GP AG (in existence) are governed by Swiss substantive law, to the complete exclusion of the law of conflicts of laws and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods of 11 April 1980.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with these GTC is Lausanne, Switzerland.

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